Powder coating technology

Powder coating is a modern process by which certain surfaces are coated with paint in a powder form.  The powder is applied, most commonly, by means of a spray gun that imparts an electrical charge on the powder particles and directs them towards the object to be coated.

Nowadays when a lot of companies cause damages to the natural environment, using powder coatings offers many advantages over traditional liquid enamel.
In addition to being environmentally friendly powder coating is also the most effective method of applying a finish to a wide range of metal materials. This technology is perfect for providing a superior smooth surface. There are no cracks, runs and blisters here that are typical for liquid finishes. The process of powder coating is primarily used to ensure the protective properties of coated materials which means that this technology protects the components against corrosion. The high mechanical properties and resistance to chemical factors are the parameters typical for  the powder coating. Thanks to these characteristics, powder coatings are used in architecture and construction, automotive, electromechanical and railway industry as well as household appliances.

Surface preparation technology

The decisive factor for the quality of the paint coating is the process of surface preparation. Depending on the type of surface we can offer you the appropriate method:

Aluminium – Technology that meets the requirements of the QUALICOAT quality label – License No. 1505
  yellow chromating or chrome – free pretreatment based on titanium compounds
  Abrasive blasting:
– shot blasting / black steel /
– corundum blasting / galvanised steel /
  iron phosphatizing
  polymer passivation
  zinc plating

The maximum dimensions of the painted elements

  15,00 lm x 1,80 lm x 0,60 lm
  8,00 lm x 1,70 lm x 1,25 lm
  7,50 lm x 2,40 lm x 1,00 lm
  7,20 lm x 1,60 lm x 2,10 lm

Decor type service

We are also able to offer DECOR service which is an innovative approach used particularly in architecture, and which is gaining more and more recognition. DECOR is primarily a wide range of patterns and effects that offer huge opportunities to customize their appearance to the user’s individual tastes and that meet the growing expectations of our customers.
Technology of DECOR  is based on moving the selected pattern to the surface that was previously coated with a suitable powder. This technology has provided its customers with the result of a durable and neat coating that is capable of imitating wood, stone or any kind of pattern from a wide palette.
This technology is able to implement any designer’s and unique plans in any complexity level.

The advantages of Decor surface:

  original, neat and decorative look
  wide range of colours
  the high chemical and mechanical resistance
  the high resistance to unfavourable external conditions
  color and glossy appearance for many years
  concern for environment

  profiles and steel sheets
  facade panels
  window sills, steel sheets flashings
  roller shutters, blinds
  selected elements of small architectureselected elements of small architecture
  enclosures for devices and much more

The maximum dimensions of profiles:
  7,00 m x 1,00 m x 0,16 m

The maximum surfaces of sheet metal:
  1,25 m x 2,50 m