Our offer

Because of the growing demand for powder coating services we are trying to be the most attractive business partner to our customers. A very high flexibility of our company matches the customer products and needs. The Colorex powder coating facility is experienced in dealing with both aluminium and steel elements.

For example:
  facade and siding systems
  window and door series
  aluminium profiles
  steel structures
  gates, panel fencing
  gutter systems
  machinery and equipment parts
  sound walls
  automotive components and domestic appliances

To be capable of handling each order we began painting line dedicated to the automotive industry and household appliances. In 2005 two fully automated painting lines dedicated to these industries were launched. Thanks to their top – notch systems  both meet the most stringent requirements and standards of automotive industry. The guarantee of durability, adhesion and corrosion resistance is the result of specialized surface preparation technology.

Close cooperation with the scientific institutions and 25 years of experience in the field of powder coating as well as the development of our employees have enable us to open one of the most modern painting lines in Poland – COLORLINE, which is characterised by high processing parameters. Thanks to this high technology we are able to paint aluminium profiles much more faster.  The two – stage polymerization process consisting of pregelatinised  procedure (the vertical temperature – rise) and stable, cross – linking procedure allows to achieve top-range products. Powder coatings also offer up to 98 % material utilisation. Consequently, this method of coating has provided its customers with cost-effective and eco – efficient solutions.

Our assets include:
  15 painting lines at our customer’s disposal
  all kinds of surface preparations
  the high quality of our products confirmed by the number of certificates and awards
  own laboratory
  own corrosion monitoring station
  own freight transport logistics

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