In order to ensure a high quality of our services  the ABC COLOREX Group has implemented a quality policy, which was created to establish strict criteria and requirements for machining technology and for self-control in the manufacturing plant.

Our paint plant is certified in accordance with the requirements of QUALICOAT quality label.  We also received Seaside Certificate. Moreover we have our own laboratory which equipment allows our products to be constantly supervised over the bath parameters.  The correctness of technological processes is checked by the laboratory personnel. Their task is to conduct internal, daily checks and to lead documentation related to the processes.

Badania przeprowadzane przez nasze laboratorium:
  Gloss test
  Film thickness measurement
•  Adhesion test
•  Buchholtz’s test
•  Polymerisation test
•  Cupping test
•  Bend test
•  Impact test
•  Machu test
•  Chamber pretreatment