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Lakierowanie proszkowe
About Us

It was 1990, when the first company of Colorex group started his first business. No one even expected that this is the beginning of the inevitable success that finally transform into a large financial group. Two years later, at Gryczana street in Krakow the first Powder Technology Center P.U.P.H. COLOREX with the first painting line has been formed.

Over time, new companies were established. New and innovative company fits perfectly into the concept of creating a COLOREX GROUP, represented by Jack Figel – President. In 2000, we opened a new manufacturing facility at Łuczanowicka street in Krakow of over eight thousand square meters. In this area are located: powder coating plant ABC Colorex, high-tech machining plant and factory of elevators – Colorex Lift.

Today COLOREX is a strong and stable group, which, thanks to its experience and professionalism of its employees could confidently look to the future. Modern technologies and cooperation with scientific institutions in the country and in the world, let us follow the changing trends in the industry to serve our customers and to be one step ahead of the competition.

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